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38mm Apple Watch Sport review

Day 1 - purchased watch from Apple online store with in store pickup. This is a new service in the U.K which once paid for online sends you a notification with an hour to let you know your purchase is ready for collection. Apparently the store treats these collections as a priority above other purchases in store, but my pickup got a little delayed and after some apologising from the staff I had my new watch. At home I unboxed the watch which with typical Apple care was beautifully wrapped, if perhaps a little excessively. It felt at times to be unwrapping a mummy it had so many protective layers (aren't these things supposed to be tough?). With the watch out of the box I switched it on by holding down a button, I forget which one, and proceeded to pair it with my iPhone watch app. This took about 20mins after which I installed ios2 upgrading the watches operating system to the latest version, this took about another 20mins maybe a touch longer. 40mins or so later I c

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