3rd Gen IPhone

When I originally purchased the first generation iPhone, I was gobsmacked at the leap in navigation and usability from my previous phone ( a nokia). That was back in late 2007 and with the successive software releases I’m still using it. I can’t recall another phone I’ve kept for more than 12 months, my testiment to it’s ability and a lack of suitable competition. Alas the audio jack has worn out and delivers only one channel of stereo meaning I brushed off My iPod to listen to music. Now the on and off button is beginning to show signs of failure.. in short my iPhones hardware is dying. That is why I must begin the task of finding a replacement.

No 2nd Gen iPhone for me. I skipped that one because I didn’t want to upgrade to a new contract for what I considered minor improvements. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the 3rd generation iPhone, but the competition has been busy, certainly some phones from nokia, samsung, lg, etc are starting to wet my appetite. Could it be time to switch? If Apple introduces another incremental upgrade then it may be.


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