My First iPhone Post (Jan 2007)

Wow what a product Apple have launched! ( !! From the specs of the phone only the camera resolution bothers me. 2.0 mega pixels is very 2005, my current phone (a Nokia N73) has 3.2 mega pixels and i'm already chomping at the bit for the Nokia N95. Having said that i love everything else i've seen and read about it.. except that i have to wait till 2008 to realistically get my hands on it, and by then i will be wanting a 7-8 Mega Pixel camera phone. (yes i love my photography!). I hope this will have a positive effect on the industry in re-thinking how we can interact with a portable device, rather than sticking in the safe zone and rolling out higher spec's but same interface. I love the touch sensitive screen, i hope its not difficult to use if you have large fingers, but i can't be worse than most phones these days, (actually a cool afterthought would be to be able to re-size on-screen keyboard!). The way the photo application allows you to pinch photos reminds me of video i saw on UTUBE called Multitouch. Star trek never had it so cool.


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