Nest labs gets acquired by Google

Having just bought my first Nest labs product and loved it, I am sad to learn that Nest have been sold. It's not who bought them but the fact they were sold. I don't get it, they were doing very well on there own although Google invested heavily through its venture capital subsid. Now nest promises that nothing has changed, the same management team continues and the same products continue... But I don't buy it. Instead of a unique client experience that paves the way for fresh ideas I wonder if stale rehashed repurposed corporate baggage will make its way in. Replacing nimble with beaurocratic and daring with safe. I got on the nest train because I thought it was a new train, with that crazy spark I saw in I worry it's been snuffed out before it really had a chance to breath. I hope I'm wrong. 

To Google... Please leave them alone.. Don't interfere, don't cross pollinate, let them find there own way with your parental support (finance). All children need to go separate ways and nest was doing great already... 

To nest.. Your smoke and CO alarm is installed and doing great.. More of the same and better.


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